Hot Air

Balloons and Fireworks

The Memorial Day Celebration at the Rancho Mañana Golf Club in Cave Creek, AZ.

A group of friends, organized by Kent Schweiss, enjoyed the late afternoon and evening at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and Fireworks. We enjoyed our observation point from a grassy knoll, overlooking the scene below as the daylight faded and nightfall emerged in its’ stead. 

From our vantage point upon the hill we were far enough from the band stage to enjoy the music and not be deafened while enabling us to people watch out over the golf course area slowly filling with throngs of Memorial Day Fiesta celebrants.  Food and beverages were enjoyed, children romped and danced to the music, everyone was in a relaxed and happy mood.

As the skies darkened into evening, 7 large hot air balloons were spread out upon the lawn in preparation for inflation. As burners flared fire into the balloons, the hot air slowly expanded them and the flat cloth swelled to colorful, and majestic shapes floating before and above the crowds. People were allowed surprisingly close to watch the balloons fill and lift from the ground, displaying their designs, colors and brilliant glow as burner fires within each glowed brightly against the night sky.

At 9:00 p.m. fireworks capped off the evening. And much to our surprise, the exploding light show was directly behind our grassy observation place and nearly directly overhead. This was one of the best (if not THE best) displays I have ever seen. It was like a grand finale from beginning to end.

This was an awesome way to start the Memorial Day weekend. Totally enjoyed the event!

Watch the short video below of part of the fireworks.

IMG 0823

IMG 0917

IMG 3777

IMG 0950

IMG 0946

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