Precious Cargo Delivered

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our trek across country with my 1934 Pontiac in tow has ended without incidents.

Our early Monday morning departure allowed us to complete the steep climbs to Payson where we stopped at the Bee Line Cafe for breakfast. Continuing, we ascended further on the steep climb up the Mogollon Rim, which put the hardest, most nerve wracking part of the trip behind us. From the top of the Rim, which is the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau, all further climbs were of no real significance.

After my brother Tom arrived with nieces Jen, Arisa and her boyfriend Zackery, my original travel plans and route changed. Jen offered to drive my Toyota Tacoma back to Ohio with the younger two while Tom and I drove his Chevy 2500 with the car in tow. I mulled her offer for several days, then decided to take up her offer. It proved to be a good decision simply for the fact the Chevy’s back seat is cramped for two, let alone three people, which was the initial plan. Jen was able to take off ahead of Tom and I as we would drive at slower speeds. The youngsters had more room and enjoyed more comfort in my Tacoma than they would have with three of them jammed into the Chevy. They were also able to stop and explore while Tom and I drove with one intent - to get the car to Ohio safely and  in a timely manner. 

By taking my truck to Ohio, I’ll have a means of transport to drive back to Phoenix after my visit in Ohio ends toward the middle of July. All of my camping gear is packed in the truck so that I can take my time and stop at campgrounds along the way.

Above: St. Louis and Gateway Arch. 

Right: View of looming clouds as we entered Illinois after crossing the Mississippi River along I-70 from St. Louis...          

 and then nearer to Indianapolis, IN, much more ominous storm ahead, which dissipated just as we arrived in the city.

With the hot summer weather and more violent summer storms, I had already decided to curtail driving Phiona back until the Fall when I can more easily enjoy the drive without suffering through heat and possible storms.

Later in August I will fly back to Ohio and retrieve Phiona. I am thinking of taking a Southern route on the return, possibly through Owensboro, KY (where the former owners of the car live) and then possibly via US 60 which I have driven a couple of time previously. That will take me into Arizona. I have plenty of time to plan that drive.

Friday, June 17, 2016 

Now back at the Kline farm. We dropped off the Pontiac in Circleville, OH after first meeting the gentleman who sells and installs the overdrive units on cars. After explaining the mechanics of his device, he and his wife Shirley showed us their absolutely incredible collection of 31 vintage cars, most being obsolete makes. Both of them collect cars but not only cars - every Ohio license plate ever issued covers one section of a wall, hundreds of taillights (backlit) on another wall, headlight lenses, brass locks and so much more. Their collection would blow your mind. And, to top it off, they are the most engaging and down to earth folks you'd ever meet. 

The actual machine work is done by a younger man in Circleville where we took the car, unloaded it and drove it into his shop. 
They will drop the entire rear end including the driveshaft, cut the shaft, install the overdrive unit, and reassemble with the wiring and components to make it function.
The work should be done next week, and then we will drive back down the nearly 150 miles and drive Phiona back up here to Gibsonburg.

Photos of some of Lloyd Young's and Shirley’s collections:

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